Written By Wolves Takeover

Wolves.  Their very presence demands your attention.  Their sound makes your skin both warm and form goosebumps at the same time, as blood pumps through your veins and your heart beats faster from the rush of adrenaline.  You can’t look away, and you find yourself wanting more.  They’ve arrived.

Hailing from New Zealand, Written by Wolves is comprised of Michael Murphy (Vocals), Davie Wong (Guitar), Bahador Borhani (Guitar), Karl Woodhams (Drums), and Oli Lyons (DJ).  Their unique sound combines elements of Rock, Pop, Electronic, and Alternative, making their tracks a must-have for a music eclectic’s (like myself) arsenal.  And, with over 4,000,000 plays and 80,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, there are countless others who agree with me.  So, how did these Wolves get started?

“Written By Wolves began as an idea between myself, Davie, Bahador, and Karl in mid to late 2014.  Davie, Bahador, and Karl had all played together in a band called Shotgun Alley, which after some great successes in New Zealand and in the United States unfortunately ran its course.  I had been friends with all of them for a long time and we had often spoken about writing music together, but timing had never been on our side and we had never managed to make anything happen.  A year or so after Shotgun Alley broke up we all started talking about starting a new project and agreed to start writing some tunes and to see what we could come up with.  Things started to click very quickly and we all agreed we wanted to write music different to anything we had ever written before … and slowly started to form the sound that Written by Wolves has developed today.  After realizing we were onto a good thing we decided to get serious about the project and Bahador, who was living in Seattle at the time, moved back to New Zealand in early 2015 and Written by Wolves was born.” – Michael Murphy

The Wolves didn’t stop there.  They soon began recording, playing shows, and shooting their own music videos.

Michael: “Music videos quickly became one of our biggest strengths, with Bahador shooting and editing these himself and everyone else covering off every other aspect to make sure we could make these quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, with our non-existent budgets.  At the end of 2016, we felt the band was missing something and began looking for someone to beef up the percussion and electronic element of our live shows, and almost immediately we met Oli Lyons – he is a DJ and drummer from Auckland who we felt was a perfect fit for the band and ticked all of the boxes we had been looking for.  We met in December, asked him to join the band in January, and shot the video for “Timebombs and Hurricanes” in March. The lineup felt complete, and when we saw the finished product of the video we realized it was exactly what the band had been missing.”

Now that the Wolves were complete, they were able to produce high-quality music videos themselves, which also enabled them to release much more material over a two-year period.  That hard work and dedication caught the attention of  L.A. – based director Josh Mabie, who reached out to the band with the offer of a music video collaboration.  The Wolves sent Josh a few tracks and gave him the option to choose whichever one he wanted, and he chose (my personal favorite) To Tell You The Truth.

Michael: “The track has always been a favorite of ours but we never really saw it as a single, with attention spans shortening quicker than you can say ‘attention span’ we never really saw releasing a five minute song as a feasible option.  But, we loved the treatment Josh sent through and told him to go for it.”

In case you were wondering, the music video for To Tell You The Truth was shot in both L.A. and New Zealand.  To put the time difference into perspective for you, New Zealand is 18 hours ahead of the United States (give or take, depending on which time zone you’re in).  All of the band scenes were shot in a car park in Auckland, while an L.A. – based team worked in the States.  The entire process took well over a year from start to finish, with the end result being nothing short of spectacular.

Michael: “The end result blew us all away and we cannot thank or recommend Josh enough.  He is an incredible director with a lot of patience and a real passion for music and the imagery that can accompany it.”

As for the meaning behind To Tell You The Truth?

Michael: “Love, and to be slightly more precise, Sex.  I tried to metaphorically articulate the feelings of passion and desire that go with being in love and how they can make you feel, think, and act.  This meaning is taken to a whole new level in the music video where Josh’s storyline manages to broaden the themes of love to encapsulate the choices that we make and also the imagery of love that exists outside of a sexual relationship.”

With over 3,000,000 views on YouTube and International Support for Escape the Fate and Falling in Reverse, it’s safe to say these guys are on the path to greatness.  So, what else can we expect from them in 2018?

Michael: “Written By Wolves has big plans for 2018 – so far this year, we have played Bay Dreams Festival in New Zealand to 25,000 people along the likes of Machine Gun Kelly, Kehlani, and DJ Snake; We have opened for Four Years Strong and We The Kings in Auckland, and are booked to play the inaugural Storm The Gates Festival in Auckland alongside the likes of Limp Bizkit and Suicidal Tendencies.  We are currently writing our debut album and may even have plans to make it over to the United States for the first time…”

I hope you guys are ready, because the Wolves are out to play. 😉

Check out their official site here.

Check out more of their videos here.





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