THE Band To Watch: Fame On Fire

South Florida has a lot more to offer than palm trees, sandy beaches, and hoppin’ nightlife – and one listen to any track by the band Fame on Fire will have you convinced.  Comprised of childhood friends Bryan Kuznitz (Vocals), Blake Saul (Guitarist), Alex Roman (Drummer), and Paul Spirou (Bassist), there’s a certain cohesiveness within this band that you’ll find not only while listening to every song, but also when watching their videos.  Honestly, it’s refreshing to see.  Combine that with their heavy guitar riffs and virtually-perfect percussion, and you’ve just narrowed down what makes FoF so damn great (let’s not forget about Bryan’s voice — swoon).  Their most recent cover of XXXTENTACION’s “SAD!” is no exception.

The original has a great beat with a soulful sound, and I do like the song … but it’s also, like the title says, sad.  It’s about a breakup and the depression following (we’ve all been there, it blows). It’s also a song I personally don’t think I could listen to often or else I’d probably start to feel pretty crappy myself.

But, one of the really amazing things about Fame on Fire is that they have this ability to take a song and, without changing the meaning, they can change the vibe through the music.  I don’t get that depressed feeling listening to their version. If anything, it’s almost like it went from being a song to cry along to, to being a song you listen to when you’re at that pissed-off stage after a break up.  And honestly, that’s a good thing, because breakups suck and people need more “push” and less “pull” to get through those types of situations.  The lyrics don’t even matter – the music set the mood for me, and I’ll probably end up putting this song on repeat for weeks, just like I have with the rest of of FoF’s songs.

To hear more from them, check out their YouTube Channel.  Seriously.  With over 250,000 subscribers, these guys are worth putting on your radar.

Check out their cover of XXXTENTACION’s “SAD!” below:



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