Cal Scruby Puts Anxiety Into Words

Depression and Anxiety are those feelings that you can obviously feel but just can’t ever seem to put into words.  People on the outside who’ve never experienced what it’s like might look at you a little strange, because they just don’t seem to understand what it’s like, and it’s hard for those of us who’ve experienced it to explain because it can be quite overwhelming.  But somehow, this 29-year-old from Cincinnati, Ohio has managed to take those waves of emotions, put them to a beat, and execute them absolutely perfectly. Wow.  Just wow.  When you hear this song, it’s a huge sigh of relief.  It’s like you say to yourself, “That’s exactly it.  That’s what it’s like.  He got it right.”

This lyrical genius isn’t new to the game, though.  In 2011, while in a library at the Ohio State University (I know I’ve got some Buckeye fans lurking in here somewhere), he recorded his first release “Best Foot Forward.”  In 2014, he signed to Riveting Entertainment.  He’s worked with other notable artists such as Redman and Chris Brown.  

In the track “My Anxiety”, we see Cal sitting alone, whether he’s in what feels like a cold, lonely room or outdoors with just his thoughts.  His words are profound; but honestly, they’re what nearly every person who struggles with depression and anxiety have thought at least once in their life:

“I’m feeling closer to death/ I feel a hole in my chest
Feel like I’m stuck underwater/ Feel like I’m holding my breath
Like it’s the only one left/ Nobody know I’m depressed
Even the people that know me the best”


And that’s just a taste of the realness he delivers.  Check out the video for “My Anxiety” below.

Keep up with all things Cal at his official page here.

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