An Open Letter To Thomas and Samantha Markle

Dear Thomas and Samantha,

I come to you today as your average, middle-class, non-celebrity status American citizen; I also come to you as a wife, a mother, and a child. There isn’t a day that goes by without something in the news regarding the Markle name – more times than not, it’s regarding the Royal family and Duchess Meghan’s life as she continues to transition into a new way of living. But, without fail, there are those all-too-common headlines about some new way Meghan’s father is angry or is feeding the press, and let’s not forget about the “shameless” plugs for Samantha’s tell-all book about the Duchess that is, well, vindictive – and that’s putting it lightly.

The most common complaint that we, the public, keep hearing from you people is that Duchess Meghan (because, even though we are Americans, that IS her title and we ought to use it out of common courtesy, right?) has shunned you and ignored you and yada yada yada. I’m not here to point the finger and tell you that you’re a bunch of liars (because how would I know?), but I will tell you that actions speak a heck of a lot louder than words. All that you have shown the world is hate and anger. Rather than speak out about how proud of the Duchess you are, you have spoken out about how little she has done for you. Instead of showing her love by not lashing out at her repeatedly by using the media as your stage, you have shown her nothing but contempt. Thomas – you talk about how you love her to the media but then release private letters she sent you in an effort to manipulate her to talk to you. Samantha – to write a book about her – even going as far as to title it In The Shadows of the Duchess – does not speak of a loving heart toward your own half-sister at all (and you’re following this book up with a sequel? Give me a break). I myself have a half-brother and a half-sister: Full-blood or not, they are still my siblings and I could never imagine doing something so heinous to them, no matter how angry I was with them. Why? Because that’s not love.

And another thing. The Duchess is pregnant. I’m not sure if you aren’t aware, but stress during pregnancy isn’t great. I imagine the life of a Royal can already be stressful enough, with all of the engagements and duties that are required, without the added stress of your estranged father and half-sister acting out like children.

Please stop with the manipulation tactics and disguising it as love. Stop exploiting her and breaching what little privacy she does have because she isn’t at your beck and call. She is no longer simply Meghan Markle. She is Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex, and it’s high time you realize that and start treating her as such.

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