I Can’t Stop Listening To: Two Door Cinema Club

You're either a Spotify or a Pandora person (there's also Apple Music, which I personally can't stand).  I use Spotify if I haven't yet purchased a song or an album and I'm still feeling it out, and I use Pandora for discovering new music (I'm Team Pandora, for the most part).  This past week, Pandora... Continue Reading →

Video Spotlight: “Cool” – Felix Jaehn ft. Marc E. Bassy & Gucci Mane

We've all been there - we go through those moments in our lives, wondering who we really are and if we're accurately representing our true selves.  We might make little tweaks here and there, in an effort to bring out different parts of us.  The important thing to remember, despite the many changes we may face, is... Continue Reading →

Written By Wolves Takeover

Wolves.  Their very presence demands your attention.  Their sound makes your skin both warm and form goosebumps at the same time, as blood pumps through your veins and your heart beats faster from the rush of adrenaline.  You can't look away, and you find yourself wanting more.  They've arrived. Hailing from New Zealand, Written by... Continue Reading →

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