Bad Wolves Brings Attention to Addiction and the Family Dynamic with “Remember When”

One of my favorite bands this year has no doubt been Bad Wolves - their cover of the 1994 hit "Zombie" by The Cranberries secured the #1 spot on Billboard's Mainstream Rock Songs chart back in May, and I quickly familiarized myself with their music via Pandora (my favorite, btw) and YouTube.  Let's just say... Continue Reading →

Hey June

  I'm usually able to sit down and crank out a post pretty easily, but this one is different. It's not Writer's Block; it's definitely not that I don't know what to write about, because I do. I've just been waiting to write this post, and I'm not really sure why. As the gears have... Continue Reading →

THE Band To Watch: Fame On Fire

South Florida has a lot more to offer than palm trees, sandy beaches, and hoppin' nightlife - and one listen to any track by the band Fame on Fire will have you convinced.  Comprised of childhood friends Bryan Kuznitz (Vocals), Blake Saul (Guitarist), Alex Roman (Drummer), and Paul Spirou (Bassist), there's a certain cohesiveness within this band... Continue Reading →

Where is the ‘Safety’ in Parenting?

I remember back to when I first imagined myself as a parent, it looked something like this:  Three children playing in a fenced-in backyard, skipping while holding hands, all while grinning from ear-to-ear in a neighborhood lined with houses.  I would be in the kitchen, baking cookies with one of those cute-looking aprons and my... Continue Reading →

Written By Wolves Takeover

Wolves.  Their very presence demands your attention.  Their sound makes your skin both warm and form goosebumps at the same time, as blood pumps through your veins and your heart beats faster from the rush of adrenaline.  You can't look away, and you find yourself wanting more.  They've arrived. Hailing from New Zealand, Written by... Continue Reading →

Easy Cleaning Schedule

I can't remember exactly where I was or what I was doing, but I do remember that my house was a mess and I should have been cleaning it instead of being on Facebook (show of hands: Who can relate? All of you? Great).  Eventually, I got to it, only to become overwhelmed at the... Continue Reading →

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